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Smile program
Reviews 1640
  • Excellent
Yoko O.
2021-11-30 10:20

Thank you very very much. This is awesome program. The dentist I got referred was fantastic!

Douglas H.
2021-11-24 06:41

Very professional.

Zegart B.
2021-10-28 12:32

Very good dentist and persuasive professionally.

Scott E.
2021-05-01 23:31

This is one of the best experiences 8 have ever had with a Dentist and your program is the best ,kudos to 6out and all of your staff ,your the best and God bless you all.

yolanda G.
2021-04-30 08:22

I was treated with kindness respect and they made me feel welcome and important. They care for me and treated me like if I really belong there they didn’t make me feel ashamed of my self or put my self esteem down.

Sanyu M.
2021-04-30 07:35

Looking forward to be your patient

Tammy J.
2021-04-21 10:24

Super excited to be connected to an affordable dentist that can help me get the beautiful smile I have always wanted.

Jerome E.
2021-02-04 00:46

I am very grateful for the extra help.

Harlene M.
2021-02-02 18:19

My visit was for a consultation and was very pleased with the care and information given me.

Anthony S.
2021-01-28 10:00

Good service.

Omar Q.
2021-01-27 23:10

So happy for your help . Thank you so much

Graham K.
2021-01-27 08:02

Very easy and intuitive with great benefits!

Michael L.
2021-01-25 23:18

The doctor and her staff were fabulos. Polite, attentive, very professional. Made I understood what was going on & why. A1.

Nancie D.
2021-01-22 08:14

Wow! This program will literally save me over one thousand dollars. The Dentist I saw Dr. Moradi was great. He did my exam and told me what I can realistically expect. His entire staff were super nice and welcoming. Everyone practiced the cdc guidelines for patient care. I would highly recommend the program and Dr. Moradi.

Marilyn G.
2021-01-14 23:55

I have made an appointment to continue treatment

2021-01-14 05:07

Great referral. Hoping to utilize their services.

Liana P.
2021-01-14 01:48

Everyone at Bell View was awesome! The plan for treatment is very clear and understandable, also best rates I have ever been offered!

Octavio P.
2021-01-08 23:27

Great. Very supportive

vince d.
2021-01-07 05:01

I will let you know when my teeth are done. The people there are very nice & a clean dental office. I think they need to be more on time with their schedule. Igor there early to fill out the forms but I didn’t see the doctor until 45 minutes later. Hopefully they will be faster on Friday morning.

Cameron W.
2020-12-16 23:17

Thank you for the x-rays & info & now I’ve got some thinking to do about treatment

Esther B.
2020-11-18 01:27

These were the best ppl ever at All Bright Dental. They make u feel comfortable, very informative about procedures, options. I would recommend them highly.

Marquette V.
2020-11-15 04:32

Everyone was helpfull friendly and considerate to my needs. I actually enjoyed my visit.

William L.
2020-11-14 23:06

The doctor was great even called to check up on me afterwards

Robert G.
2020-11-10 13:30

I wish the provider had a better in-house finance with a bigger amount.

Joseph P.
2020-11-07 11:12

Best experience at consultation. Dr. Z explained all treatment and made me feel confident he can correct my issues. Hats off to Geno and staff.

Sophie H.
2020-11-07 06:33

Janice W.
2020-11-06 16:08

They were very friendly and made you very comfortable. The price they give me was fair.

Karen M.
2020-11-05 22:28

Thank you

Juliet R.
2020-11-04 07:06

Very impressed

Juanita S.
2020-10-21 21:13

I was very pleased they found me a Dentist and staff that were accommodating to my special needs and issues I had in the past ! I can’t thank you enough and highly recommend you ..........Thank You

Armando R.
2020-10-21 11:39


Linda M.
2020-10-16 15:45

I’m going to get my dental work there !

Mary G.
2020-10-10 01:14

I was nervous when I arrived but the staff and the doctor were very nice and explained every detai that was going to be done to me and they answered all of my questions! Thanks everyone for being so kind!

Barbara M.
2020-10-07 06:53

Staff really tries to please.

Adrian Y.
2020-09-26 02:59

Everyone was very friendly and professional.

Pedro A.
2020-09-18 08:07

Everyone in this office was great and the doctor was excellent

sandra t.
2020-09-18 06:58

Very professional staff Friendly n kind. Thank you it was great.

2020-09-09 22:19

Very efficient and friendly. Integrity and great work.

Rachel F.
2020-08-30 17:14

Great services they covered my consultation and some of the cleaning payment

Eugene A.
2020-08-29 01:54

Wonderful staff

Mindy M.
2020-08-28 23:07

Visit was great but i left with a plan of treatment of $19,240:00 minus 20% discount which was more than the dentist I Normally see

Victor S.
2020-08-27 00:55

The program saved me money without doing anything. I received a free consultation and lots of information. The provider was very courteous and professional with a world of knowledge. The staff were very helpful in setting up everything and explaining options. Well done.

Robert P.
2020-08-25 07:06

Very helpful and pleasant staff

Alyssa T.
2020-08-22 14:25

Great service! So happy I found out about this program

Katherin R.
2020-08-22 00:54

Great staff and very professional I’m very happy with my results thank you very much

Cristy V.
2020-08-22 00:51

Dr. Moradi was very friendly and went over the program very thoroughly. I have not completed treatment yet, but hope to soon.

Kattina G.
2020-08-19 10:56

Awesome service

robert s.
2020-08-19 02:55

Staff was friendly the dentist was very thorough with his explaining to me what I need to have done

Jackie H.
2020-08-13 16:55

Very friendly and professional Staff.?Dr Singh is very nice. He explained Every thing I need as far as my Dental needs. Very please with the first visit. Have three more visit to go and I will let know how my teeth look😀

Shelia H.
2020-08-13 11:41

I had a great experience at the Dentist office. The staff was very courteous, patient and listened to my concerns. I look forward to next visit to have my teeth cleaned.

Yolanda C.
2020-08-11 23:54

Everyone was so king and friendly .

Cynthia m.
2020-08-08 23:38

Thank you for helping

Kelsey J.
2020-08-07 15:09

My experience so far has been great! The provider was awesome and knowledgeable and the program seemed pretty helpful.

2020-07-31 14:54

The girls at the desk were Fantastic. But the implant program is way way to expensive for me.

lori f.
2020-07-30 13:32

The provider and staff are very friendly, the prices are good & I am on my way to a better smile!

Tony T.
2020-07-29 07:03

I went just as you explained it

Keith S.
2020-07-26 21:37

I was very impressed with the people at smile program. I am going to recommend them to everyone I can

Shana S.
2020-07-25 23:12

So far so good.

Evelyn R.
2020-07-24 14:35

I went in afraid but when I had my lil consulting for the doctor and the staff I was a lil more at ease I have a long way to go but am going all the way to the end thanks Rowlett Family and the Smile Program and I will give more feed back when journey ends

Deborah F.
2020-07-24 12:13

Everyone in the office was so nice and pleasant

Brenda S.
2020-07-22 16:24

Friendly and professional

gail C.
2020-07-22 02:12

Excellent Service from everyone in that office

Malcolm B.
2020-07-10 21:12

Dr Cam his staff and your office were all really wonderful. Kind helpful knowledgeable and caring to our financial position. I would highly recommend them all! Malcolm Bernstein

Shauntey W.
2020-07-10 10:18

This is an amazing program and I hope more people learn about the Smile Program. My treatment today was so affordable, that I could pay out of pocket. This was a much needed treatment. Also, the Smile Program recommended me to a quality dentistry practice who went beyond my expectations in service. I would like to personally thank Rena, from the Smile Program, for setting me up in the program. You were amazing!

Sanjuanita M.
2020-07-08 15:48

I loved the dental office very clean an sanitary friendly staff make u feel very comfortable an welcome environment will continue going i give it a ***** five+ 🌟

Jesus O.
2020-07-05 07:01


Joe A.
2020-06-18 07:04

Very helpful & caring towards all my dental needs.

Kathleen L.
2020-03-13 15:14

I liked Dr. Boesch & his staff very much. Need extensive work that I need to get the money for. It will be a process. I appreciate your program very much. Very responsive to my questions/fears. Thank you.

Jana M.
2020-03-12 00:19

The Dental office and people were great.

Ralph C.
2020-03-10 20:50

Good people skills

Tenya P.
2020-03-09 15:10

Very thorough! I need a lot of work! I will do a little at a time. Thank you!

Shelly M.
2020-03-07 05:17

Thank you so much next week I’ll start getting my permeant teeth Y Thank you

Antoinette M.
2020-03-05 07:12

Great service and they were straight to the point and broke it down to where I understood my options.. Great concerns they had for me and I really enjoyed my visit and will be using them because of the way they broke it down for me

William B.
2020-02-29 15:05

Excellent 😄

Jerry K.
2020-02-29 08:00

What a lovely crew - the Tustin branch BTW. When I get me some royalties, this author's gonna have some new Chiclets :)

Lane M.
2020-02-22 00:30

Thank you for helping me. I do appreciate it very much.

Sandra Y.
2020-02-14 07:58

I absolutely loved them. Staff was very processional and the service was incredible. I would recommend them.

Diana D.
2020-02-13 02:15

Everything was awesome I am excited to be able to get my dental care back on track thank you for everything

sandra d.
2020-02-12 00:38

loved the dentist you recommended to me they where great explained everything in detail to me didn't push me or made me feel like I owed them made me comfortable thank you so very much

Timothy P.
2020-02-10 15:48

Great team and a lot cheaper than my last estimate.

Francheska W.
2020-02-09 22:28

Such a great help financially!

Amy S.
2020-02-09 07:31

I really liked the staff and the dentist. Very kind and professional.

Annette K.
2020-02-05 22:28

Honestly I was not expecting it to be pd 100% but out of 8,000 expected dental work only 700 is from the Grant...( The Dentist and his staff ate amazing.

Darien W.
2020-01-31 07:36

If you are finally ready to stop putting off that dental restoration.... YOU FOUND THE RIGHT PEOPLE! I Submitted my grant request, the next day they called me and within 5 minutes OB ther phone they had set me an appointment for the next day at a provider near my home. THEN IT GOT BETTER! Vista View Dental performs an exam and haff a quote in my hand in less than an hour. This is where they ate different from other dental offices! I explained that their fees were 20% less than my last quote from a different dentist (after the Grant was applied) But i still didn't have that kind of money to proceed... within 10 minutes these guys got me approved for a loan and we started with the work SAME DAY! Im on my way to recovery after years of putting it off, THANK YOU!

Mary p.
2020-01-30 20:27

Thank you all and doctor dentist for your kindness ❤️

Linda S.
2020-01-29 17:59

Grateful to have found this program.

Wayne F.
2020-01-29 07:11

Excellent very helpfull

Lorraine V.
2020-01-24 07:12

I cancelled the appointment due to a family emergency.,This is the 3rd time I am relaying this message. I hope your company received my other messages

faye c.
2020-01-12 12:34

Thankyou for getting me a consultation. Very nice dentist office with great workers. That being said even with my insurance coverage for just my bridge and deep cleaning it was to much for me to afford.

bonnie v.
2020-01-11 07:31

Very accommodating

Karl M.
2019-12-27 19:04

Walking into this office was like entering the high tech world! Professional from the receptionist/billing specialist, the young lady who took X rays, viewing on the mega monitor, the higenist made through exam. Lastly the Dentist took 20 minutes describing treatment. In detail. OUTSTANDING!!!

Antonio V.
2019-12-21 16:22

The doctor and his entire staff were friendly and very helpful. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

Rosalina K.
2019-12-12 19:23

Haven't heard from the provider since I went for a consultation on 11/21...no phone / email msg.

Riccardo F.
2019-11-26 07:11

All very good

Tanya A.
2019-11-19 14:34

Very professional

babbette e.
2019-11-17 01:08

the provider was so friendly and the whole atmosphere was welcoming. from the dentist to the office personal anything I asked they were there ready to answer or help me . I arrived there I hours early and I asked them if possible I could get in early. I waited no longer than minutes and they took me in. such sweet people .

Beverly L.
2019-11-14 22:01

I would like to thank Smile grant program for sending me to Gardens dental group. The staff there was very kind and attentive to my needs Thank you.

Shannon B.
2019-11-14 13:34

Amazing. I've already told all my friends. I hope they take advantage of this opportunity.

Ann L.
2019-11-07 19:04

thank you

Genna T.
2019-11-07 16:18

I was so happy with the money that the grant saved me.

Patsy S.
2019-11-01 01:33

Reflection Dental have my highest possible rating. The staff was professional yet warm and friendly.

Lucinda S.
2019-10-31 13:30

I am only giving three stars right now. The program is saving me money for extraction and root canals. The other dentist said I had copays and Mt View said I did not. I was told the cost would be the same for crowns and bone graphs and they are price matching what the other dentist quoted me. I will give a better review one work has been done.

Felix R.
2019-10-31 08:00

Very professional and friendly staff ,

Georgette C.
2019-10-26 16:30

My experience was awesome, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend everyone or anyone who had a bad experience with a dentist you won't be disappointed. Thank you Smile Grant for paying almost half of my bill.

Marie L.
2019-10-18 15:16

It was a help and got me going by letting me know what costs I would be incurring to get my dental work completed.

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