Finding The Best Dental Discount Plan

September 17, 2020 by

While the majority of Americans have access to health insurance through their employers, most plans overlook one important component of good healthcare: dental care. Good dental care is about more than having a knockout smile; poor dental health can affect other aspects of your wellbeing such as heart health. In spite of this, one person out of every four is currently forced to do without necessary dental care simply because they can’t afford it.

There is, however, a solution available that can fit any budget, regardless of whether you have insurance.

What is it?
The dental discount plan.

What is a dental discount plan?

A dental discount plan — sometimes called a dental savings plan — is a membership program in which members get steeply discounted prices when visiting participating dentists. In return, most plans charge an annual or monthly membership fee.

At Smile Program, we offer you all the savings of other dental discount plans but without the membership fee. Here’s how it works: we negotiate with dentists on behalf of members. Participating dentists agree to offer discounted rates to our members in return for our referrals. The result is a steady flow of business for the dentist, and significant savings (40% on average) for you.

Dental discount plans vs. insurance

A dental discount plan such as Smile Program is not the same as dental insurance. With dental insurance, you pay a monthly premium, just as you do with other health insurance. Your plan has a list of services it will cover. You have a deductible which you must first meet before your insurance kicks in. And there’s a limit — often quite low — to how much your plan will cover in a given year. Most plans also limit the number of dental visits you’re allowed each year. And finally, many plans have a waiting period before you can even use your dental insurance.

Dental discount plans have none of these limitations. There is no waiting period, no deductible, no monthly premium, and there are no co-pays. Nor is there any benefit cap limiting how much you can spend in a given year.

Dental discount plans, unlike insurance, don’t reimburse the provider on your behalf. Instead, you pay for services out of pocket when you use them — but don’t be put off by this. The lack of deductible and premiums, combined with the discounted members’ rate you receive, often makes a dental discount plan far more affordable than conventional dental insurance.

This is especially true if your dental needs are simple (you need little beyond routine checkups and cleanings), if you need a large amount of work done (in which case you will hit your benefit cap and end up paying full-price rates out of pocket), or if you need expensive cosmetic procedures (which insurance seldom covers).

Smile Program gets you the care you need at a price you can afford

At Smile Program, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality dental care. Participating providers offer flexible payment plans, so whatever your budget and dental needs we’ve got you covered. We only partner with five-star providers, and we’ll even check in with you after your visit to see how it went — and we pass your comments on every week, so your voice is heard.

Unlike other dental discount plans, we don’t charge a membership fee; the program is at absolutely no cost to you. There’s no sales pitch, no fine print, and no hidden fees; just good dental care at significant savings. When you sign up, we’ll reach out to you personally to ask you about your dental needs and match you up with the best dentist for you. And best of all, your initial visit — including x-rays — is completely free.

Are you ready to find the best dental discount plan for you? Contact Smile Program today at (888) 455-9692 and get started.