Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Our mission is to make quality dental care affordable through our provider. You will receive a consultation and X-Rays at NO cost to you. You will also receive dental treatments at a reduced cost through our dental providers. This can range between 20-50%. All of that at no obligations.

Who will be completing my dental assessment?

The Smile Grant Program will connect you with a participating dentist in your area. The participating dental office has agreed to provide an assessment at no obligation to you.

Are there any hidden fees or baits?

Absolutely not. There are no hidden fees. Our mission is to make high-quality major dental care more affordable.

Who can apply for the Smile Grant Program?

Anyone who is in need of any dental work.

How can I get my initial assessment?

All it takes is our very quick application where you explain your dental needs. From there, we will team you up with a provider that can provide the needed treatment.

Is this a full grant?

No. We want to be transparent with everyone. Your initial consultation and initial X-Ray fees are at NO cost to you. The program will help you reduce your treatment cost between 20-50%. There will be a remaining balance.

Where does the funding for the program come from?

The funds for the program are mainly derived from the participating dentists. They have agreed to help patients in the program receive extensive dental work as a way to give back to the community.

How long do I have to make an appointment?

Due to the high volume of applications, we suggest applicants to book their initial assessment within 5 business days. There are a limited amount of applicants that each office in a certain area can visit.